A New Challenge: Working from Home with All the Family Together

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of people around the world to self-quarantine at home. As limiting face-to-face social interaction is the best way to reduce the spread of coronavirus, working and studying from home have become commonplace in recent months globally.

Psychologists and relationship experts believe that the COVID-19 lockdown will lead to a rise in mental illness and divorce rates globally. Many people are concerned about how they are going to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic, as spending too much time with others can be a huge challenge, no matter how close you are. 

Both children and parents are at risk of getting overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, monotony, fear, and uncertainty. School closures, a lack of social life, and remote working can be a lot to take in, so don’t be self-judgmental if you feel frustrated and stressed out.

It is essential to set boundaries while working from home with all the family together, and make the whole situation a positive experience for everyone. Personal boundaries help keep privacy, practice self-care, and allow us to make space for positive interactions. Here are some useful tips on how to set healthy boundaries while working from home. 

Set Healthy Boundaries Towards the Family

Working from home might become a burden, particularly if you have to multitask between your work and your family’s needs and your kids’ online lessons. Let your family know that working from home does not mean that you are available all the time. Ensure your children know that you cannot help with their homework or play with them before you finish your work. 

Also, choose different areas of your home as work/study, get-together, and relax spaces to lessen tension and stress.

Plan Me-Time

Having time by yourself is essential in maintaining healthy personal boundaries and a necessary part of self-care. Planning me-time means recognizing the importance of self-care and being at peace with yourself. When you have a better understanding of yourself, you will have better relationships with others too. 

Enrich Your Workspace with Plants

Foliage not only improves air quality but also promotes relaxation, increases productivity, and boosts cognitive functions. Enriching your working space and other spaces in your home with indoor plants can have a calming effect, help you stay content to nature while working from home, and improve your mood. 

Plan Breaks during Your Workday

Working from home doesn’t mean that you should be working all the time. Plan breaks and spend them in nature when the weather permits. Breaks can be an excellent time for nutritious snacks, meditation, and relaxation exercises. 

Practice Mindfulness Together

Mindfulness benefits to our mental and physical health are myriad. Mindfulness allows you to tune into your feelings and pay attention to your responses to stress.  

Also, mindfulness exercises can alleviate anxiety symptoms, improve your mood, and boost your memory and concentration. Similarly, mindfulness practice can enhance confidence, improve emotional control, and strengthen your family relationships.

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