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Your child is now at one of the most rapid growth phases of his entire life.

Each day brings countless learning opportunities across all areas of development including cognitive, motor, perceptual, emotional and verbal communication.

With all this new stimuli children are bombarded with on a daily basis, we as parents and teachers need a practical solution that will help guide and nurture our children to exhibit positive reactions. With all the learning opportunities to address, however, it may prove difficult to pinpoint a single way of confronting every stage of development. Parents and teachers provide significant and indispensable guidance to children, but they could always benefit from a little extra help along the way.

This is where MyFirstApp comes in with a method suitable for children of this modern age. We take great measures to ensure that the content in our apps is suitable for all stages of development. Our apps are carefully, and thoughtfully, created to suit toddlers’ and preschoolers’ motor, sensory, perceptual and cognitive developmental levels. We are aware that kids today are exposed to a lot of unnecessary stimulation from a very early age.

Keeping that in mind, our apps offer valuable, developmentally suitable content without overwhelming children with unnecessary stimulation. We believe that the recent touch-pad revolution opens new horizons for young kids and enables them to acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills while playing with high quality, colorful, exciting games.

We do it with a great love for kids, and we wish we could do it for life.