Four Tips for Dealing with the Information Overload of Our Time

Technology and devices consume a large portion of our lives, often causing information overload – mental exhaustion brought on by having too much information or knowledge thrown at you at once. Because the human brain does not have an endless capacity for processing information at once, having quick access to a large amount of information…

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The Information Overload in Our Time and Its Impact on Our Children

We live in a digital age. Regardless of what you need to learn, find, or research, the information is often just a click away. Unquestionably, this technological innovation offers endless benefits. But how do we handle information overload? And more importantly, how does it affect our children? What is the Information Overload? The phrase “information…

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classroom learning

Back to the Classroom

The ongoing health crisis and lifestyle changes caused by it continue to affect our lives. Only when we leave this situation behind will it be possible to determine its full impact on children, mental health, academic success, and development. Children have different experiences with switching school classrooms with distant learning. While some enjoyed home-based education,…

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