Geometric Shapes apps

Shapes Around the World

Age: 3+
Device: iPad and iPhone

The world’s greatest monuments are within your child’s reach with this geometric shapes app: The Statue of liberty, The Eiffel tower, The Pisa tower, The Big Ben, The Taj Mahal..

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Shapes 3

Age: 3+
Device: iPad and iPhone

Shapes 3 – Early geometric shapes app puzzles for toddlers and preschool kids. Your child will learn to recognize shapes in their real-life context.

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Shapes 2

Age: 3+
Device: iPad and iPhone

Enhance your child’s skills for school: shapes recognition, motor skills, problem solving. One of our geometric shapes apps.

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Shapes 1

Age: 3+
Device: iPad and iPhone

Shapes 1 – Early geometric shapes app puzzles for toddlers and preschool kids. On every game board there is a little surprise to encourage the child to play and become..

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Shapes & Colors

Age: 3.5+

Geometric shapes app. The world comes in all shapes and colours. Let your child explore and learn about shapes and colours through a variety of fun, educational activities.

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Children are the most successfully when they learn through a variety of fun, educational experiences. As most kids enjoy engaging with technology, apps for kids seem like an excellent learning tool.

Children are naturally curious about digital resources, so using children’s apps can be a great way to enhance your child’s learning skills for school and promote development.

What is Geometry App?

A geometry app is a useful software for teaching and learning geometry concepts in simple and engaging ways. Geometry apps can help your preschooler learn how various geometrical shapes work in the real-life context, visualize and manipulate geometric objects, and solve geometry problems.

How does Apps Help learn Geometry?

Geometry apps are designed to meet the child’s interests and developmental level. Age-appropriate geometry apps help kids learn geometry in a fun and interactive way and understand the basic concepts before they start school.

These games are simple and easy to use. They are tailored to meet young children’s cognitive skills without overloading them with too many visual or audio stimuli.

What are the Benefits of Learning Geometry from Apps?

Geometry apps help toddlers and young children learn the basics of geometry without stress and pressure. An age-appropriate geometry app can benefit a child’s development in various ways. Learning geometry from apps can:

  • Teach your child shape recognition
  • Enhance your child’s motor skills
  • Foster problem-solving
  • Develop spatial visualization abilities
  • Boost your child’s spatial reasoning
  • Help them learn colors
  • Improve concentration
  • Develop creativity and imagination

What Should You Know Before Using Geometry Apps?

Kids apps are useful only if they are age-appropriate, educative, interactive, and engaging.  Choose games and apps that enhance active problem-solving and critical thinking skills in young children.

The good idea is to preview the app first and try it together with your child to ensure that it is beneficial to their development.

Help your child use the geometry apps responsibly and select apps with characters that appeal to toddlers and preschoolers, helping your child learn in a stress-free way.

Can Five-Year-Olds Do Geometry with an App?

Yes, they can. Five-year-olds typically begin to discover shapes and understand geometry. Using geometry apps can help a five-year-old understand that shapes can be combined to make new shapes, recognize shapes in the real world, develop imagination, and much more.

What are the Best MyFirstApp Geometry Apps?

MyFirstApps for kids is an excellent resource to introduce your child to the world of geometry and math. Here are the best MyFirstApp geometry apps to boost your preschooler’s skills.

  • Shapes Around the World

Shapes Around the World is designed for kids three years of age and older. This great app introduces kids to the world’s most significant monuments such as The Eiffel Tower, The Statue of Liberty, The Taj Mahal, and more, encouraging them to practice early geometry.

The game offers 12 beautiful scenes with an interactive animation that encourages children to learn colors, shapes, matching and sorting.

  • Shapes & Colors

Shapes & Colors is intended for kids three years of age and older. This app teaches preschoolers shapes recognition, boosts motor skills, and enhances their problem-solving skills. It helps kids learn to recognize geometric shapes such as trapezoid, square, or diamond in real life.

  • Shapes 1
  • Shapes 2
  • Shapes 3

The Shape 1, 2 & 3 games are intended for kids three years of age and older, helping kids explore and learn about shapes and colors through various fun, educational activities. By matching shapes and colors, children create animated puzzles, building their early math skills, imagination, concentration, visual perception, and fine motor.