Infant – Fomo – Morning screen time

Last time we talked about our own FOMO – fear of missing out. Waking up, immediately reaching our phones.Today we shall notice our little one’s FOMO. Unlike us, they are born into the world of screens. From a very young age, too young, in my personal, and professional opinion, they are glued to a screen.

The World Health Organisation (The ‘Who’) – recommends limited amount of screen time for inftants:

Under age 1 – No screen time at all.

Ages 1-2 – Up to 60 minutes of screen time.

Ages 3-4 – No more than 60 minutes of screen time a day.

So, if we return to morning time we may find our kids glued to a screen – whether it be a TV screen, the ipad or the smart phone.

My recommendation is – If at all possible no screens during morning time. You can put some back ground music to make the morning brighter, easing into the day. Morning is time to get ready, spend some time together, prepring and communicating before the rush of day begins.

The power of prevention – If ‘morning no screen policy’ is not possible, for various reasons, such as: You need time to get ready, yourself, and need them to be quietly occupied. I recommend you finish getting your child completely ready before engaging in screen time: teeth brushed, fully dressed, fed and only then, if there’s no other way, allow some screen time. Otherwise, you will probably find yourself engaging in an endless fight of – please turn off the screen, we need to leave the house.

So, have a great morning

Irra Harari Friedman

Senior Educational Psychologist