Teachers' Pack_3_Opening

Teachers’ Pack 3

Age: 2.5+
Device: iPad

Our Teachers’ Pack is designed for teachers, therapists and speech pathologists. Each app contains the full versions (without In-App-Purchasing) of 15 different educational games.In addition, they contain the ability to define multiple students who are using the app, and to track the progress of each one of them on each activity. This feature was developed together with the faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University, Netherlands.

“Teachers’ Pack 3” contains the full versions (without In-App-Purchasing) of: Build it up, Sorting Game, My Mosaic 1, My Mosaic 2, Dot 2 Dot, Maze Game 1, Maze Game 2, Maze Game 3, Dinos Jigsaw, Shapes Jigsaw, Animated Puzzle 1, Animated Puzzle 2, Animated Puzzle 3, Differences and Memo Game.

This app is also available through the Volume Purchase Program for Educational Institutions.


Tablets Only