Shapes Around the World

Age: 3+
Device: iPad and iPhone

The world’s greatest monuments are within your child’s reach with this geometric shapes app: The Statue of liberty, The Eiffel tower, The Pisa tower, The Big Ben, The Taj Mahal and more. 12 Great monuments that will encourage your kids to learn about shapes and practice early geometry.

Our world is filled with so many geometrical shapes. It’s so natural to let kids reveal the world of shapes through some of the greatest monuments.

On every game board there is a little surprise to encourage the child to play and become familiar with primary shapes.

By matching shapes and colors, kids create real animated puzzles. Fly with an air balloon around the statue of liberty, keep Pisa tower from falling, ride a camel in Egypt etc. with Hug and Dug.

Your child will learn to recognize shapes in their real-life context.

Designed for the cognitive skills of toddlers and young children. The game does not overload kids with too many audio and visual stimuli. There are no failures or time pressure, so kids can explore the world of shapes without stress or pressure.

12 beautiful scenes, each with its own assortment of shapes and colors.
English pronunciations of shape names.
Each level ends with a surprising animation that encourages kids to interact with more game boards and repeat the game to initiate the animations.
Teaches shapes, colors, matching and sorting.
Fun animations on every page.
Learn all the basic shapes and colors.
Play with shapes and puzzles to improve motor skills and the ability to concentrate.