Robot Shapes Lab

Age: 2+
Device: iPad

Robot Shapes Lab is not an ordinary puzzle game. It’s a creativity app. It is a free to explore sandbox environment in which little kids can experiment their creativity by constructing their own robots & machines. There are no right or wrong answers just a fun to play experimental lab to enhance support your child imagination!

Advantages for parents, therapists and caretakers
– Teach kids about different body parts
– Training working memory, matching, sorting and ordering robot parts by their unique shapes
– Little kids project their feelings onto the robot they build. Makes a great setting for discussion about their feelings.
– Unlike ordinary puzzle games, there is no wrong answer & no frustration for kids who are challenged by not achieving their perceived goals
– Encouraging & safe environment for creation: It’s easy for kids to create, and to get rid of parts they don’t like

– 12 scenes, each with different shapes & play objectives
– Hundreds of different robot shapes
– Scenes are ordered by difficulty level
– Improves Motor Activity & Cognitive Skills
– Improves Shape Recognition
– Cool mechanical sounds & soundtrack
– Easy to use , even toddlers can play!