Matching Game 2

Age: 2+
Device: iPad and iPhone

An educational matching app for young children. The game consists of 12 boards. Each board offers a different set of matching tasks according to a variety of matching principles, such as: size, symmetry, subject themes, etc.

The game is designed to enhance the following:

– Visual perception
– Fine motor
– Hand-eye coordination
– Concentration
– Categorization

Designed for the cognitive skills of toddlers and young children. The game does not overload kids with too many audio and visual stimuli. There are no failures or time pressure, so kids can play and learn without stress or pressure.

12 beautiful boards each with a different set of objects
Each board ends with a surprising animation that encourages kids to interact with more game boards and repeat the game to initiate the animations.
Fun animations on every page
Play to improve motor skills and the ability to concentrate.