Little town explorer

Age: 3+
Device: iPad

While having fun on our little town, kids explore and learn about things that happen in a real town. one of our exploring environment apps. Our little town explorer provides kids with an interactive “play mat” environment. We created the game as an open environment so kids could experience things freely, with no rules or restrictions that limit a child’s imagination.

Young children can walk or drive along the town streets and explore different sites, events and activities that happen about the town:

  • Walk around the city or take a ride with your favorite car
  • Explore outdoor sporting activities: the playground, playing tennis, playing Soccer and even going fishing.
  • Fuel your car in the gas station
  • Watch the train go by …
  • Become a police man and ride the police car around the town
  • A  Fire just started! Ride around the fire-truck and jump to the rescue!