Little creator_opening

Little Creator

Age: 2+
Device: iPad

Unleash your child’s creativity with this creativity app! Little Creator is a creation workshop that was made especially for little kids’ abilities to empower their imagination and creativity. Little Creator was designed to be so simple that even toddlers can create art like big kids.

In-app purchase bonus: 6 top classical music tracks are playing during the game, which means that your child will create art and listen to Bach, Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Sants & More!

In Little Creator, your child can choose from twelve different canvases. Each canvas has its own unique art objects and a theme that can be explored.

Free download includes 3 scenes.
In-app purchase will unlock all 12 scenes

12 scenes include:
– Create a house.
– Design a birthday card.
– Build a tower with play blocks.
– Make a necklace full of gems.
– Make an art collage.
– Experiment with letters and numbers
– Invent shapes and create geometric art with play sticks & cubes
And more…